Grinding machine

Many thanks to Dave Smith, his Grinding machine page is the motivation for this page.

Having used just about every excuse for my 18" mirror not being finished yet, I am left with its just too hard of work. In an attempt to bypass that excuse I am starting a grinding machine. Here are some photos and brief explanations of my progress so far.

A overview of the table, you can see the 3" by 24" table, a 16" plywood pully, the 3 of the casters which the table will rotate on, the bushing / shaft of the first idler shaft, and the overarm arm. On the bench in the background is the OLD 1/4hp motor which will drive the grinding machine.

Colseup of round table and pully

A closeup view of the table and pully.

side view of table

Side view of table.

top view of table

Top view of table with round table removed.

side view with side panel removed

Side view with side panel removed. Note the first idler and overarm drive shafts.

round table on casters

The round table sitting on the casters.

The plywood pully will mount on the same shaft as the round table.

line drawing of belts

Line drawing of belt locations

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